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  1. Birthday Weekend Recap!

    Friday - We headed over to my Dad’s! Delicious food, cake & presents! My Dad got me a really great casual hobo bag (not pictured) & some awesome new workout clothes that I really needed. Great time!

    Saturday - I headed over to the Drybar to get my hurr did! She did a great job but it was hot and humid that day and the style didn’t last..so I curled it when I got home! We headed out to a spot we never tried. The Yard, it was cool and they had some amazing food!! I got some pretty awesome gifts from my friends and family, including that awesome Michael Kors bag from my brother! It was truly an amazing birthday celebration! But…it got a little “afflictiony” as the night when on. So, we headed to our favorite spot and ended the night with some drinks!

    Sunday - We headed to the water park! It was scheduled for noon but that turned into 2 and we got there at 3! It was a loooooong day! Before heading to the park we grabbed lunch, stopped at Target, Fry’s..but the upside was that after 3pm the entrance fee is reduced! You know me, I love saving money! I didn’t get as tan as I would have liked but it was a fun day!

    Great great birthday weekend! Definitely one for the books!

    1. osoc said: Mija, I really enjoy reading your blog i’m so happy that you are happy and things are going good in your relationship. All i have ever wanted for all of you is for you guys to be happy. WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST LOVE DADDY.
    2. thesoftcaressofhappiness said: Looks like lots of fun! Your dad must have great taste!!! Looks like you got some adorable trinkets, the bird house looks so much like one I painted in art class in high school.
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