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Just an Arizona girl living the dream with Mr. Opposite and our two four legged children! Here you will see my pups & baking creations to my rants, ramblings & obsessions!!

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  1. Weekend Recap!

    Friday - We headed out to dinner with our friend and my brother. Sushi & drinks! We then ended up a bit more downtown to meet up with some other folks! Then at the gay bar/club, it was a great night! We got home later than I had hoped but it was worth it!

    Saturday - In true old folk fashion we stayed in. Staying out till 2am the night before really took it out of us. So we cleaned house, hit Ranch Market for dinner ingredients (chicken & carnitas) and watched Evil Dead (not worth the $5.99). We were in bed by 11:30.

    Sunday - We got poured on in the morning so we lounged around the house, had some leftovers, and watched tv. Later when it cleared up I visited with my Mom and sisters for a bit and before leaving chased their dog for about 5 blocks! That was my cardio for the day! Chihuahuas run FAST! For dinner I made us some B.L.T.A’s with a bit of feta. Omg they were deeelish!

    Pretty great weekend. This weekend is the big 3-0!!

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