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Just an Arizona girl living the dream with Mr. Opposite and our two four legged children! Here you will see my pups & baking creations to my rants, ramblings & obsessions!!

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  1. Weird Wednesday

    I hate bananas like really HATE them!

    The mushy mess in your mouth….just eww! 

    BUT, I love banana flavored things like bread, pie, muffins, Popsicle’s etc.

    1. losingwins said: i can get behind banana flavor breads and such but that texture drives me to gag like no other. samesies!
    2. dustedfingerprints said: I used to be the same way…
    3. oh-onelovelyday said: I am the same but I hate the flavor of banana too
    4. abnormallyyours said: BANANA POPSICLES = love
    5. dembangs said: I’m like that with coconut. I love coconut flavor and scent, but I cannot eat actual coconut. It’s definitely a texture thing.
    6. justtttme posted this